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Hallelujah - Timeless melodies for the soul

Maison Symphonique


Sunday, Jan 14, 2024, 12:30 AM

$35.95 - $65.00

1h35 with intermission

Ensemble ArtChoral, under the direction of Matthias Maute, presents an evening that immerses us into the deep and complex world of human emotions. Leonard Cohen's great hymn Hallelujah is the starting point for this journey through a vast choral repertoire  over the centuries, which not only includes several "best of" songs by  this great Montreal songwriter, but also timeless melodies from the pens  of composers such as Kurt Weill, Leonard Bernstein, and Ernest Bloch.  Through their haunting melodies and powerful, introspective lyrics,  these artists have expressed the deepest aspects of the human experience  throughout their lifetimes.

Leonard COHEN, Hallelujah, Suzanne, You want it darker, Ain’t no cure for love
Kurt WEILL, Lost in the stars
Leonard BERNSTEIN, Almighty Father
Ernest BLOCH, Y’hiyu L’ratzon
Salomone ROSSI, Psalms 124, 126, 128
Aaron COPLAND, Four motets (extracts)

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