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 Mini-Opéras Santé

Music delivered «door-to-door» for social and mental health  in undeserved neighborhoods

Since 2020 Ensemble ArtChoral co-founded Mini-Concerts Santé and Mini-Opéras Santé, where duos of professional singers deliver «door-to-door» concerts to disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Since then, more than 3,000 paid professional singers have provided more than 5,000 free Mini-Opéras Santé «door-to-door» in underserved neighborhoods, to more than 40,000  children,  adolescents,  elderly,  adults, and families suffering from isolation, loneliness, and psychological distress, in more than 100 regions, cities and districts.


Prix Opus Musical Event of the Year 2020
1,000 + stories from recipients


You’re cheering us up ... we need this human warmth.


So happy the concert came to me as I can’t go anywhere!

You don’t know how much it affects us!

It is soothing to the heart.

400+ media  reports and articles

Choral Arts

Quebec is known for its great tradition of a capella choral singing.  Art Choral is a unique project that follows  the  history of choral singing performed by professional singers,  with works by 50 composers from the  1500s to  today,  including  Québec,  Canadian  and  Jewish  composers.  Art  Choral   includes  choral  workshops,  training and live concerts  « Coast to C oast to  Coast  » in  the 10 provinces and three territories, in  partnerships  with  30  professional,  academic  and  amateur  choral  organizations .  Art  Choral  also  includes  a   11-album anthology with  11 streaming concerts and a free online  resource library of 110 Mécénat Musica  video clips of  choral singing.  Art Choral is the initiative of Ensemble  ArtChoral, Mécénat Musica, and Mécénat Marchand, with the support of the Azrieli Foundation and ATMA Classique. 


Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes

Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes

Ensemble ArtChoral is cofounder of Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes, dedicated to developing new contemporary operas by emerging Canadian female or non-binary Canadian teams of composers and librettists who demonstrate extraordinary promise in opera creation. The prizes are awarded to teams for original opera compositions in English, in French, a Jewish work and a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or Person of Colour) work.

Mécénat  Musica  Prix  3  Femmes  is  the  only  prize  in  Canada  where  a  combination  of  all  these  elements  is  encouraged financially:

  • Female creators

  • Emerging artists

  • Composition

  • Libretto Writing

  • Workshop

  • Performance


Mécénat Musica Prix 3 Femmes is $50,000 $.​

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